15 Places to get Cheeseburgers in Quincy

If you’re looking for a place to get a cheeseburger in Quincy, MA, you’ve come to the right place. Over the years, we’ve tried all sorts of spots, but none of them compare to the cheeseburgers I’m about to share with you.

Whether you’re looking for a classic cheeseburger or a gourmet burger, the following are some of the best places to grab a bite in Quincy.

Bernies General Store - Double Cheeseburger

While Bernie’s General Store may look unassuming from the outside, they make some of the best subs and sandwiches in Quincy! 

If you need to get your cheeseburger fix, look no further. This double-stacked cheeseburger has melty American cheese with caramelized onions, sure to satisfy anyone’s cravings!

For a burger that melts both cheese and your heart, swing by 1147 Sea St, Quincy, MA 02169 or get it delivered by Quincy Eats ( shameless plug )


Fat Cat – Fat Cat Burger

Fat Cat is located at 1495 Hancock St, Quincy. Fat Cat Burger is home to none other than the Fat Cat Burger. This mouthwatering treat is a massive 10-oz burger with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles. 

Served with a side of Fat Cat fries and bacon, The Fat Cat has created the perfect marriage between a Philly cheesesteak and the classic BLT!

Wheelhouse Diner – Pepper Jack Burger

If you’re looking to spice your burger up a bit, check out The Wheelhouse Diner’s Pepper Jack Burger! It comes on a perfectly grilled buttered roll with red & green peppers, garlic, and Pepper Jack Cheese.

For a unique cheeseburger in Quincy, drop by The Wheelhouse Diner at 453 Hancock St!

Romanzza – Double Cheeseburger

Romanzza is a Greek and Italian pizzeria, but this Quincy restaurant does more than just your usual pizza and calzone.

Romanzza is home to some of the best burgers we’ve come across in Quincy. One of the burgers (see image above) from Romanzza comes with two perfectly cooked patties, American cheese, bacon, onions, and pickles.

Romanzza puts its own spin on things with its spices. So, if you’re hungry or curious, check out this pizzeria/burger haven at 134 Washington Street!

Schoolhouse Pizza – Bacon Cheeseburger

Here, we have another homegrown pizzeria that serves a mean bacon cheeseburger. Schoolhouse Pizza is located at 3 School Street, and its bacon cheeseburger is the star of the show.

The sides of the patties are covered with cheese, adding to the burger’s flavor. Complementing the mouthwatering texture of the burger are generous servings of onions over a roll.

If you happen to be along School Street and seeking a juicy cheeseburger in Quincy, MA, look no further than Schoolhouse Pizza!

Quincy Hungry Tummy – P&K Burger

The P&K Burgers from Quincy Hungry Tummy come with smoked bacon, grilled mushrooms, onions, house sauce, and cheddar.

We can’t get enough of the smoked, juicy burger patties. Underestimating the burger’s size, we ordered an extra patty. Lo and behold, the P&K Burger was almost too big to hold, not that we’re complaining!

Quincy Hungry Tummy is at 103 Franklin Street. Swing by and sample the best in cheeseburgers in Quincy, MA!

Brick and Beam – B & B Burger

Cajun rub, bacon, crumbled gorgonzola, lettuce, tomato, and onion make up Brick and Beam’s signature Bacon Cheeseburger.  Served on a grilled brioche roll, it comes with a hearty serving of fries.

Drop by at 705 Adams Street!

Coops Bar and Grille – Mushroom Swiss Burger

Coops Bar and Grille’s 8-oz Angus steak burger with sauteed mushrooms and onions is covered with Swiss cheese on a toasted bun. A classic choice, and definitely a tasty one!

Jimmy’s House of Pizza – Double Cheeseburger

Located at 499 Washington Street, Jimmy’s, is a pizzeria that should have “House of Pizza and Burger” on its sign.

Twice the bacon and twice the 8-oz patty — this sums up Jimmy’s House of Pizza’s double bacon cheeseburger. The juiciness and smoked flavor of the bacon make the burger stand on equal footing with Jimmy’s House of Pizza’s house specialty — pizza

Idle Hour – House Burger

Idle Hour has its head-turning House Burger made with beef patty, cheddar, lettuce, pickles, and the house’s special sauce. All this served on a sesame bun makes it an excellent pairing with the establishment’s cocktails and wines.

If you’re skeptical, see for yourself at 1464 Hancock Street!

Time Out Pizza & Grill – Bacon Cheeseburger

A cheeseburger with bacon, onions, and pickles on a toasted sesame roll make up Time Out’s signature Sesame Roll Cheeseburger. If you’re really hungry, Time Out is also home to some of the best pizzas in Southeast Quincy!

524 Sea St Quincy is where you’ll find Time Out and its extensive menu of pizzas and burgers!

Assembly Bar – Smokehouse Burger

Assembly Bar at 425 Hancock Street in Quincy did something extra special with its Smokehouse Burger. The Smokehouse comes with a charbroiled Angus burger, topped with BBQ sauce, and bacon. It also comes with cheddar cheese and shoestring onions in the bun.


That’s right! The fries and shoestring onions are part of the burger! 

16C – Double Cheeseburger

16C’s cheeseburger spices up the classic American cheeseburger with a special sauce the staff refused to disclose to us. We don’t blame them. Something this good ought to be kept under lock and key. Hang around 16 Cottage Avenue, and maybe you’ll get lucky.

16C’s special sauce adds an interesting flavor on top of the onion, pickles, tomato, and American cheese that make up the burger.

Hancock Tavern -Spicy Buffalo Burger

Everyone loves spicy Buffalo wings and a burger. Hancock Tavern at 668 Hancock Street serves both in one awesome burger. The Spicy Buffalo Burger has a patty smothered in buffalo sauce, topped with jalapeños. 

Pearl and Lime – Oaxacan Smash Burger

The Pearl and Lime is on Hancock Street in downtown Quincy, and here, we’ve sampled their Smash Burger with Chicharron Chili Jam. The Oaxacan Smash Burger is a perfect stack of grilled onion, lettuce, and Pearl and Lime’s Oaxacan Cheese.

If you’re on Hancock Street in search of a unique burger, Pearl and Lime has your back!

The Four’s – Classic Cheeseburger

Located in downtown Quincy, The Fours is great for when you want to go out with friends, grab some drinks after work, or simply have a meal while the game is on.

Since we’re always on the go, we tried the Build-Your-Own-Burger with house-made pickles!