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15 places to get eggs benedict in Quincy, Ma

National Eggs Benedict Day is April 16th, 2021! So where are you going to find Eggs Benedict in Quincy? We found 15 places in Quincy that serve this breakfast favorite!

Editor’s note: This is still a work in progress but wanted to get it out for Eggs Benedict Day.


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Eggs Benedict Back Story

~ Insert backstory ripple dissolve here ~


In his New York Times story ‘Was he the Eggman?’, Gregory Beyer looks back at the origin of Eggs Benedict. He found two accounts claiming the right to the dish creation.

First was a New Yorker article from 1942 claiming that the hungover Lemuel Benedict ordered two poached eggs, bacon, buttered toast and a pitcher of Hollandaise sauce at the Waldorf Hotel in 1894. This recipe was later changed by Oscar Tschirky to add Canadian bacon and an English muffin.

However, Delmonico’s in Lower Manhattan claims on its menu that “Eggs Benedict was first created in our ovens in 1860”. The recipe was published in 1894 by a former Delmonico’s chef, Charles Ranhofer, who named the recipe “Eggs à la Benedick”.

We may never know the true creator of the dish, but we do know that Quincy restaurants have put their own spins on this simple, savory dish – and the results are delicious!

Different variations

  • Eggs Blackstone adds streaky bacon and a tomato slice.
  • California Eggs Benedict adds sliced Hass avocado. Variations include sliced tomato instead of ham.
  • Eggs Blanchard substitutes Béchamel sauce for Hollandaise.
  • Avocado Toast Eggs Benedict substitutes toast for the muffin and adds sliced avocado.
  • Eggs Florentine adds spinach, sometimes substituted for Canadian bacon.
  • Eggs Omar (also known as a steak benedict) adds a small steak and sometimes replaces the hollandaise with béarnaise.
  • Huevos Benedictos adds sliced avocado and/or Mexican chorizo, and is topped with both a salsa (such as salsa roja or salsa brava) and hollandaise sauce.
  • Eggs Chesapeake adds a Maryland blue crab cake
  • Irish Benedict adds corned beef or Irish bacon.

Where to find Eggs Benedict in Quincy

Craig’s Cafe

Located in Quincy Center across from the beautiful Hancock Adams Green, Craig’s Cafe offers several varieties of Eggs Benedict, one of which is called The Hurricane.

The Hurricane is made with onions, peppers, and home fries all swirled up on the grill topped with sausage links, two poached eggs, salsa, sour cream, and Buffalo aioli served with toast.

Emma Lisa’s Breakfast & Lunch

Emma Lisa’s Breakfast and Lunch is a cozy spot on Willard Street that offers fun varieties like Irish Benedict and Eggs Florentine. If you are extra hungry, we suggest the Hash Benedict.

Two poached eggs, homemade corned beef hash on an English muffin topped with Hollandaise sauce.

Granite Street Cafe

With over 20 different varieties of eggs benedict, Granite Street Cafe will have exactly what you are looking for. We tried the Bacon & Asparagus Benedict.

Mckays Breakfast & Lunch

Mckay’s Breakfast & Lunch in South Quincy is well known for offering simple foods made well. Although McKay’s only offers the original version, it has been said that they just may have the best Eggs Benedict in the city. Probably due to their lemony hollandaise sauce.

Fael's Breakfast Lunch and Dinner

Fael’s Steak Tips Benedict comes with a generous portion of steak tips, two poached eggs on english muffin, topped with hollandaise sauce, and Home Fries.

OB's Cafe

This little gem is tucked away on Billing Road in Norfolk
Downs, and serves generous helpings of breakfast all day. OB’s easygoing style
even extends to allowing low-carb dieters to swap out the traditional English
muffin for a portobello mushroom cap on their Eggs Benedict.

Rozafa Mediterranean Bistro

Located on Hancock St near Quincy Center, Rozafa strikes a perfect balance of being a warm, family-run eatery while feeling high-end and fancy. Even their Eggs Benedict follows suit- they offer the original version, or you can add corned beef hash or smoked salmon.

Sam's Restaurant

Don’t overlook little Sam’s restaurant on School Street. It
may not be flashy, but the staff is friendly, the portions are hearty, and the
food is delicious! Check out this Irish Benedict!

Liberty Tavern


If you have ever been to Liberty Tavern in Downtown Quincy,
you know that they refuse to serve boring food. Their creative kitchen finds
yummy ways to make the most traditional dishes their own. And they certainly
put their mark on the classic Eggs Benedict!  

Here they added Truffalo sauce to the hollandaise sauce, buttermilk biscuits and acho breaded chicken to create Truffalo Chicken Benny.

Victory Point

You COULD have a traditional Eggs Benedict while sitting on
the boardwalk of Marina Bay- but why would you? Victory Point offers a very
unique and very New England version with their Lobster Benedict during their weekend brunch hours.

Port 305

We are fans of delicious food with fun names, so we were happy to discover that Port 305 in Marina Bay delivered with their version of Eggs Benedict.

 Named “Green Eggs and Ham” for the flavors, not the appearance, you will be as pleased as Sam-I-Am when you try this! Available for brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.

The Townshend

Located in the heart of Quincy, The Townshend will win your heart with its friendly service and quality dishes. They have a spacious, yet charming dining room, as well as outdoor seating in the warmer weather. The Townshend offers this delicious Eggs Benedict during their weekend brunch hours.

Sly Fox Tavern

We always love to discover delicious food in surprising places. Sly Fox Tavern on Copeland Street appears to be just a quaint neighborhood bar, but behind their doors, they are serving up breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their classic Eggs Benedict is perfect.

Plate of eggs benedict on Quincy MA

The Wheelhouse Diner

This is the last old-timey rail-car diner remaining in Quincy, but The Wheelhouse offers more than nostalgia. This little restaurant offers a surprising variety of breakfast items, including seven variations of Eggs Benedict. Since we are homers, we had to try the John Quincy Adams.

ReelHouse Marina Bay

It seems extra luxurious to think about eating seafood for brunch at Marina Bay. ReelHouse Marina Bay must have thought so, too, because they added perfectly savory salmon cakes to their Eggs Benedict. ReelHouse is located inside the luxury apartment building, Mereiel Marina Day with a gorgeous view of Boston Harbor!


Assembly in North Quincy is a triple threat- great atmosphere, great prices, and great food. Their weekend brunch menu includes so many amazing offerings, we almost forgot what we came for- an Eggs Benedict with salad. Yes, salad. They make it work!

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